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How to Decorate Home For Christmas in South Dakota




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how to decor home for christmas in South Dakota

This article will show you how to decorate your home in South Dakota for Christmas. Here’s how Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska celebrates the holidays in her hometown. You can also see the light display of Jerry and Jo Mikkelsen. Plus, learn about the Rapid City Christmas Village.

Teen Mom 2 alum’s home for christmas in South Dakota

The Teen Mom 2 alum’s home is festively decorated for the holiday season. The home has a double tree next to the fireplace and garland on its mantle. Chelsea Houska shared the holiday decor on Instagram with her fans.

The Teen Mom 2 alum built her dream home in South Dakota. She and her four sons shared photos from their new house lot on Instagram and shared plans for their home. The home is the perfect size for the busy Houska family. The homestead will be finished in August 2020, according to the star.

Houska has been less active since her departure from Teen Mom 2 but she is still expecting her fourth baby with Cole DeBoer. A chalkboard in her home with her family’s names on it reads “One more DeBoer!” BabyGaga confirmed Houska’s pregnancy in August. The couple is currently building their farmhouse.

Chelsea and Cole accepted an offer of $550,000 on their house and signed a contract for July 16, 2021. Though it was a high offer, they walked away with an extra $100,000. In June 2018, their home was purchased for $435,000 It is currently valued at $509,500.

Chelsea Houska shares photos from her holiday season home. The reality star was once a softball player at her high school but she stopped playing when she became pregnant. In fact, her pregnancy was so premature that she had to go into labor five weeks early. She later gave birth to her daughter, Aubree Skye Lind, with ex Adam Lind. In 2014, she started dating Brad DeBoer, and the two got married in October 2016. They now have four children.

Chelsea Houska’s home

Chelsea Houska announced on Instagram that she was pregnant with her third child. The couple took a picture of the new farmhouse and captioned the post, ‘One more DeBoer, coming early 2021!’ Houska and DeBoer are married since 2016 and have been documenting the construction of their new farmhouse.

The home was decorated festively with stockings and double trees hanging from the ceiling. The family’s home also had a beautiful fireplace with a beautiful mantle covered in garland. The festive decor caught the attention of fans who shared their own thoughts on Chelsea’s home.

Chelsea Houska and Cole have a very stable relationship. He’s a good dad, and a good role model for his daughter, Aubree. Despite their ongoing custody battle, they’ve maintained a steady relationship.

Chelsea Houska was once a popular softball player, but dropped out of school when she became pregnant. Aubree Skye Lind was born five weeks prematurely. Thankfully, her family and friends supported her. Chelsea enrolled in beauty school quickly and got a part-time position at a salon. Later, she attended cosmetology school.

Chelsea was not a good friend to Adam. She was constantly stressed out by Adam’s interest in Aubree. She wrestled with her feelings for Adam until he decided to call it quits. In 2014, she met Cole DeBoer in a South Dakota gas station. She married him later and had three children.

In January 2020, Chelsea and Cole posted a video of an empty lot. The caption read, “Watching the house transform.” By May of the following year, they’d finished the framework of the house. They had already begun to add the huge kitchen island and farmhouse sink by July.

Chelsea Houska is close to completing her dream home in South Dakota. Cole DeBoer, who is also a builder, has been helping her to create her dream home for the past few months. Their South Dakota home is perfect for a busy family. She shared photos of the new windows and roofing. They also shared photos from their newly finished front porch.

Jerry and Jo Mikkelsen’s light display

The Mikkelsen family has been participating in the Fort Pierre Christmas Light Competition for many years. Their home has a light display that syncs to Christmas music. The display of the Mikkelsens has won the competition before. Onlookers can see their lights and hear the music when they come near their house. They also hand out candy canes to children during the show.

Rapid City’s Christmas Village

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy holiday traditions, such as decorating your home for Christmas and going ice skating. In Rapid City, you can go for two free skates on the main street square, and enjoy a warm beverage at Alternative Fuel. You can also visit Dinosaur Park which has seven green dinosaurs and stunning views of the city. If you are into beer, Rapid City is home to eight local breweries, each with their own special flavors.

South Dakota is a beautiful state to celebrate holidays. The capital of the state is beautiful at any time of the year. Christmas at the Capitol is a unique Christmas tradition that has been held in the town. This annual event started in 1981 with 12 trees, but it has grown to nearly 100 trees today. The state’s official Christmas tree is usually a majestic spruce sourced from the Black Hills.

If you’re looking for a tree, South Dakota has a few different places that sell them. You can also cut your own tree in many of the state and national parks. When it comes to choosing a Christmas tree, creativity is key.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, consider hiring a local tree farm. The Rapid City Parks and Recreation Department has already begun decking the halls in the downtown area. For updates and information about decorating your home for the holidays, visit their Facebook page.

A tree farm is a great place to find a beautiful Christmas tree for Rapid City. There are many sizes and species available, including the Fraser Fir, Norway spruce and Colorado spruce. Other Christmas paraphernalia is also available at the farm, including ornaments and wreaths.

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