A Miracle for Me Gay Winters

ISBN: 9781475953602

Published: October 1st 2012


104 pages


A Miracle for Me  by  Gay Winters

A Miracle for Me by Gay Winters
October 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 104 pages | ISBN: 9781475953602 | 8.69 Mb

For more than four generations, the proud and embattled members of the Winters family have survived every threat that life could throw at them: war, death, betrayal, tragedy, and more. A Miracle for Me follows this all-American familys branches from the early years, between the two World Wars, to today. The men of the family-Gene, Micheal, Jeffrey, and Kevin-have been the cornerstones of the groups stability. Now, it is to Micheal that all eyes are turned.Micheal, a self-made billionaire, has more than made a name of himself in the oil industry.

Despite his power and wealth, however, he cant protect himself or his family from unbearable losses that challenge both his professional and personal lives. It is only through the fierce dedication, selfless effort, and the loyalty of John, his closest friend and right hand man, that he has been able to survive the years.Now John has come across some information that could bring it all crashing down around them.

He learns that the most dangerous and organized gang in Chicago has something of great value to Micheal-something that John knows Micheal would do anything to protect and recover. But Micheal refuses to be blackmailed and instead hires a band of ruthless mercenaries to recover this precious item-at any cost.Only time will tell how much these men will risk to claim what they see as theirs.

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