Princess Kadesia and the Blue Boy Liberty Mason


Published: June 19th 2013

Kindle Edition

111 pages


Princess Kadesia and the Blue Boy  by  Liberty Mason

Princess Kadesia and the Blue Boy by Liberty Mason
June 19th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 111 pages | ISBN: | 8.36 Mb

For some reason Hollywood seems very myoic in defining a strong woman as someone who is harsh and alha, or who acts like a man in a mans world, who manipulates people, hurts people behind their backs or is divisive and sneaky. This is not where Princess Power comes from.This story is about the REAL power that is in EVERY person. It is a strong persuasive power that comes from the deep moral character of a woman who resolutely and silently defies bad traditions because they are wrong.

Gentle Rosa Parks demonstrated it so adeptly, by refusing to move from the white section of a bus because she knew it was wrong.It is also expressed in the power of Princesses to defy bullying by defending the isolated and oppressed by making them their friends. The STRONG take care of themselves, the STRONGER take care of others.Princess Kadesia is a young woman who learns to listen to her inner compass together with her wise Hobbyduke mentor Zildy.

Innocently her curious trusting nature leads her into an adventure that tests her abiity to maintain a loving and obedient nature when confronted with ugly long held traditions of hate and mistrust.She learns from her experience the wisdom taught by her grandparent like Hobbyduke Zildy that there is a little magic in EVERYONE, including YOURSELF. She also learns from Zildy the secrets of the cosmos including the people in our lives who work their magic behind the scenes.In this story another amazing Princess girl discovers how to become MORE than a Princss and how to find her magic within.

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