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The Alleged Plot That Killed JFK, Jr.  by  Lam Bastion

The Alleged Plot That Killed JFK, Jr. by Lam Bastion
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Is there an alternative explanation for the crash of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s airplane? Many say there is. What are their opinions- why does speculation continue over a decade after the crash? Is there any validity to the supposition that many view to be facts? Is it only wishful thinking? Is there any support for the rhetoric? Why does it seem so important to so many to find an avenue to ‘pass the buck’ of blame? Why do many search for a way to remove any blame from their hero – the son of the man from Camelot?

It may be that it is just too hard to accept fallibility in a hero. I have already authored a bestselling book- “The Aircrash That Killed John F. Kennedy, Jr.” that includes all of the facts about that crash- as taken from government findings, reports and expert opinion. This book will examine the other points of view to see if there is even the smallest tidbit of truth or reason that might be grasped as reasonable in an alternative explanation for the crash.

This book will document, discuss and analyze what some believe to be reasonable and prudent facts to the matter- also to examine all possibilities, so as to not settle on one government or media explanation to the exclusion of all else. In exploring the evidence for this book many people attacked the media for mistakes made during the early reporting about this accident. Others spoke of mysterious figures lurking around Kennedy’s airplane that are believed to have planted an explosive device aboard his plane prior to the flight- set to go off using a fused altimeter.

Others offered opinions that Kennedy had announced for public office and was therefore a target for assassination. Others believe that Kennedy’s magazine- “George” was to be used to kill competitor’s campaigns. Then there existed the alleged trouble that Kennedy was having in his domestic affairs. Now we will take a look at each of these issues so you can decide for yourself.

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