Three Houses: A Victorian Childhood Angela Thirkell

ISBN: 9781559213899

Published: April 1st 2007



Three Houses: A Victorian Childhood  by  Angela Thirkell

Three Houses: A Victorian Childhood by Angela Thirkell
April 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9781559213899 | 4.11 Mb

A fascinating glimpse into life in the 1890s for a child born into an talented and artistic family. Her father was Professor of Poetry at Oxford University. Her maternal grandfather was Sir Edward Burne-Jones, a prominent member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and her mothers cousins included Rudyard Kipling and Stanley Baldwin.For me, the most charming story about her grandfather involved his paintings on the whitewashed walls of the nurseries in his country house in Sussex for the pleasure of his grandchildren, including a painting of a peacock perched on a tree.Beyond the peacock was a cupboard sunk in the narrow recess between the fireplace and the wall.

On the upper shelves the nursery crockery was kept and the bottom shelf was full of our larger toys, or, when emptied of toys, was a good, if uncomfortable, hiding-place for a child who didnt mind sitting like a whiting with its feet in its mouth. On the other side of the fireplace was another small recess. This was the fatal corner into which I was put when I had offended against any of Nannys rules.

It was a good corner where a rebellious child could be fenced in with a chair and left to repentance. One afternoon my grandfather came up to visit us in the nursery after tea and found me, face to the wall, expiating some sin. The sight so rent him that the very next day he took his paint box into my corner and painted a cat, a kitten playing with its mothers tail, and a flight of birds, so that I might never be unhappy or without company in my corner again.

I dont know what Nanny thought of it.It is a charming memoir, made all the more interesting because of the people who were part of her childhood.

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