Knights of Queenshold Olive Sharp



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Knights of Queenshold  by  Olive Sharp

Knights of Queenshold by Olive Sharp
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Where her fingers touch bare skin, I can feel callouses and work-roughened skin. They catch and drag deliciously, sending a frisson of excitement loose inside of me, the pleasure bubbling to the surface so quickly that I’m left lightheaded by the experience.

It’s been so, so long since I’ve let anyone this close. And here Seila has waltzed in with a smile and a confident swagger, nearly undoing me already though it is silly that she should have affected me at all.I am not generally so taken with women, not so quickly anyway.

Of its own accord, my hand lifts to wind in her braid, wrapping it around my knuckles as I tug at the soft strands. She moans lightly, the sound burrowing inside of me, right down into my heart, which pounds all the more painfully fast. I want her to moan for me again and maybe a third time or twice more after that. I want to moan for her.I want her to make me moan for her.She looks at me with a challenge in her eyes, heat settling into the icy blue shades of them.

Her chin tilts up and she leans forward on her tiptoes, hands still wrapped around my shoulders, to capture my mouth with hers, sliding her lips across mine. Her tongue teases lightly at the seal of my mouth, pressing forward gently at first, then more urgently, tangling with mine as soon as she succeeds, each touch more electric than the last. A fire is stoked inside of me, the flames licking along my nerves, burning me from the inside out. My breathing grows ragged and my lungs clamor for more air as she claims me, dragging from me feelings and sensations I’ve never known existed anywhere inside of me.Keeran is a skilled fighter in the middle of nowhere, far from Queenshold, a place of dreams for her so far from reality is it.

After proving herself in a fight, she catches the attention of a traveler from Queenshold, Seila, a knight of the realm. They share an immediate connection. Despite Keeran’s reservations, they share an exquisite evening of passion during which Seila shows her exactly what she’s been missing all these years, proving that Keeran had been right all along about Queenshold.

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