Baptism Decorations

  • By: Katie
  • Date: October 27, 2022
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You can choose from a wide variety of themes for your baptism decorations. There are so many options for decorations for this important event you’ll likely have a hard time deciding which ones to buy! Some popular options are crosses, angels, praying hands, and doves. Read on to learn more about choosing the perfect baptism decoration for your baby girl. Here are a few other ideas to inspire you. Just because they’re religious doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful.


Doves make a beautiful addition to a baptism decoration, and you can even buy dove-shaped lollipops to use as a favor! These lollipops are the perfect size for your baby’s baptism and symbolize the sweetness of the occasion. You can buy twelve in a package, and the confetti is made from high-quality cardstock. You can even make your own baptism decorations with dove table confetti, which can be used both inside and outside the invitation.


One popular theme for a baptism party is the use of Angels as decorations. Angels represent hope and rebirth and are often incorporated into Christian ceremonies. Some churches even use specific angelic figures to represent the baptism of a child. However, they are most often associated with holidays, such as Christmas or New Year’s Day. Here are some ideas for using Angels as baptism decorations. Listed below are some ideas to get you started.


Whether you’re having a casual or formal celebration, consider using crosses as baptism decorations. Typically, parents organize a large gathering to celebrate their child’s baptism. Friends and extended family may also attend the ceremony. Many religious symbols are traditional for baptism, including angels and bibles. A cross and angels are popular choices, and each symbol has its own symbolic meaning. You can also add glitter craft paint and a bow to the decorations.

Praying hands

Use prayer hands as your decorations. Plastic praying hands are inexpensive and are available in gold and white colors. You can also stencil a letter and punch a hole in each one. The message can be any message you wish, such as a Bible verse or the baby’s name. These are great decorations for any religious celebration, including baptism. Make sure to find one that matches the baby’s gender and personality. You can even buy multiple sets of praying hands to match your theme.


If you plan a mystical baptism, you can use a theme that revolves around Noah’s Ark. A centerpiece resembling a small ark with animals would be an excellent choice. Choose one that fits on the table and allows guests to interact with each other. To add more pizazz to the centerpiece, you can spray paint it gold. Transparent hanging ornaments can be filled with tissue paper and hanged from a branch. Alternatively, tall centerpieces can be used.

Tissue paper pom-poms

Tissue paper pom-poms make beautiful hangings for your baptism party. They’re perfect for decorating a party, baby shower, or baptism. They’re made from high-quality paper materials and come flat, ready to be fluffed up. Once fluffed up, they’re easy to hang with ribbon or string. You can even combine tissue paper pom-poms with balloons to create a magical and whimsical look.

Centerpieces with large tissue paper pom-poms

Using a variety of colors for the centerpieces is also a good idea. To achieve this, fold the paper squares accordion-style and tie them together at the center. You can also cut the squares into round petals and unfold them to create a flower. For a more traditional centerpiece, opt for fresh flowers. You can try white lilies, blue carnations, or a beautiful bouquet of baby’s breath in a blue jar.


Giving flowers as gifts for baptism isn’t new, but it has become more common in recent years. Giving flowers to celebrate the occasion is traditional to show the recipient that you care. But before you choose the right flowers to give, you should know more about the occasion. Flowers can symbolize many things, from the event’s meaning to the flowers chosen. To make the day memorable and special, consider these ideas. Here are some great options for baptism gift-giving.

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